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Trunking Recorder

Trunking Recorder is a Windows application for recording/importing audio from trunked radio systems monitored by Unitrunker, SDRTrunk or ProScan. Trunking Recorder will save all the recorded calls and allows searching and playback through a web browser. Trunking Recorder will also queue up recorded calls so you never miss any activity when multiple talkgroups are active at the same time.

Trunking Recorder main window


  • Record Unitrunker version 1 and 2 calls.
  • Import SDRTrunk call recordings. (Requires SDRTrunk 0.4.0 final or newer)
  • Import ProScan call recordings. (ProScan setup instructions)
  • Upload call recordings to Broadcastify, Rdio Scanner, or another Trunking Recorder server.
  • Store third-party call recordings in Trunking Recorder. Trunking Recorder API documentation
  • Record multiple Unitrunker voice receivers at the same time.
  • Send email alerts with audio when talkgroup is recorded.
  • Call Speech-to-text transcription using the Microsoft Azure Speech services.
  • Search for calls by talkgroup, radio user, system, site, type, receiver, and date range.
  • Saves audio in wave or mp3 formats.
  • Custom MetaData formatting.
  • Auto call streaming queue.
  • Built-in webserver for real-time audio playback.
  • Creates separate audio files for each talkgroup using talkgroup ID and label value set in Unitrunker or SDRTrunk.
  • Automatic old call purging.
  • Call data saved to Microsoft SQL Server or internal SQLite database.
  • Custom call filename options.
  • Automatically create new audio files each day, each conversation, or each transmission.
  • Tested on Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11.
  • Supports Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Supports Android and Apple mobile devices.


Trunking recorder includes a built-in webserver that provides real-time access to all recorded calls using your web browser. Calls will be displayed as soon as the call is finished recording. You also have the ability to search for specific talkgroups and dates.

Trunking Recorder Website


Trunking Recorder v3.5.5675 (64-bit)

Version History

Trunking Recorder Installation

Installation instructions

Email notification instructions



Another options for assistant is the forums or joining the Trunking Recorder Google Group. The Trunking Recorder Google Group is also helpful if you just want to see what future releases may include.

Setup Diagram

Setup Diagram
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